How to Find Best Flower Delivery in Dubai

When looking for the best flower delivery in Dubai, you have to compare certain services to see if the flower shop is indeed good at what it does. There are many flower shops now that offer the same delivery service so you can choose from them and that makes it harder because once you have more options, the decision making also starts to get more confusing. So in order to simplify the process, check out these tips below and take note of the flower shops in your area that offer these services.

Date of Arrival for Your Order

Even thou most flower shops claim they have the best flower delivery in Dubai, not all will be able to accommodate your request of delivery date. Why? It all depends on your timing. Some shops are fully flooded with orders at certain months especially if there is a special occasion or holiday and they may not be able to set a good date for your delivery request. So pick the one that can deliver closest to the date when you need the flowers because you don’t want them to deliver days in advance because the flowers will just wither.

Another factor that can contribute to the delay of delivery is the actual size of operation of the flower shop. Small shops won’t have the capacity, resources, and maybe even manpower to deliver your flowers on the date you want. You can check Mercury Flowers – Flower Shop in Dubai, a well established flower shop offering same-day delivery services and see if they can accommodate your delivery date. Some shops can deliver your request only if you ordered in advance like maybe 3 days in advance, giving them enough time to prepare the bouquet and also manage their delivery vans.


Price of Your Order

Not all flower shops offer free delivery, and for those that do, usually they are only for nearby areas. If you are not sure whether you can get free delivery or not, you can check the website info of the flower shops regarding locations and if it is not written there, call them up and confirm if they will charge you and if yes, how much will the charge be. You don’t want to order if the delivery charge is so huge that it is better if you just order from somewhere else or pick up the flowers yourself.

Customized Flower Arrangements

Not all flower shops can accommodate special requests especially if you ordered late. So when you are looking for the best flower delivery in Dubai, check if they also accept personalized or custom-made flower arrangements and can have that delivered during the same day. This helps you know that if ever you have emergencies and need flowers for a special event, then you can have the name of that flower shop on your list of suppliers and call them up when you need to buy flowers. Comparing which ones are able to offer more customized services is really handy when you need flowers immediately.