How to Choose Flower Shops in Dubai

There are many types of gifts you can buy for your family or friends, but if you are thinking of getting something that is not too expensive and still gives that message of love and care, then you might want to consider buying flowers from your trusted flower shops in Dubai. With flowers, you can have different types to make the bouquet even more creative and stunning and that will definitely surprise the person you are giving it to. You can also request your florist if they have any special suggestions or recommendations for flowers in season or what types of flowers are suited for the specific occasion you are buying it for.


When you go to your chosen flower shops in Dubai, the first thing you should tell them is what type of event or special occasion you need the flowers for. Usually, the florists will already have some suggestions and show you a portfolio of their bouquets. Mercury Flowers in Dubai is a shop you can go to or visit online to check what flowers are readily available at their shop or what types can be ordered from abroad. Sometimes, depending on the demand, there will be some flower types that can take several week before they are delivered. So make sure you are ordering also several weeks in advance from the day of your event or occasion so that you can increase your chances of getting the flowers you want.


After saying the occasion or the event where the flowers will be used for, the next thing you have to do is choose the type of arrangement for the flowers. You can ask the florist at your flower shops in Dubai if he or she can show some varieties of arrangements and if they also accept customized bouquet orders. For customized ones, usually the shop might ask for additional charges but you can always find one that does it for free. When making a customized design, you can ask the florist what flowers can mix and match with the main flower you want for the bouquet. For example, to make the arrangement less expensive but still stunning, you can mix roses and lilies or gardenia flowers with smaller flowers.


Once done choosing the arrangement you want, you can then schedule the delivery date of your bouquet. Many flower shops now offer free delivery for their flowers and that is better especially if you are too busy during the week day and cannot pick up the flowers yourself in time for the event or occasion. When placing your delivery for the flowers, make sure you write your address or the address of the location where you want the flowers to be delivered to very clearly. Include the postal code, full address, name of the recipient, and any other important information about the location that could help the delivery man deliver the flowers faster and easier such as landmarks or places around the area.

Here are a few more tips when buying flowers: